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Frequently Asked Questions
Who is this app for?
Open Sesame was created to offer touch-free control for those who cannot use their hands to access a smartphone or a tablet. Our users are mostly paralyzed below the neck, and come from many disability backgrounds: spinal cord injuries, Multiple Sclerosis, ALS, neurodegenerative diseases, Cerebral Palsy, and others.

If a person cannot use their hands to control a smartphone or a tablet, and has controlled movement of their head (even if limited) then Open Sesame is a perfect match. Some also opt-in just for the extended voice commands Open Sesame introduces, like voice answering and dismissing calls, as well as the option to end a conversation by a voice command.

What can I do on the phone or tablet?
Open Sesame‘s touch-free control extends to all of the device features, including any app downloaded from the Play Store. We have gone to great lengths to offer the complete Android experience for our users so they are not confined to a certain subset of capabilities.

Our users use their devices based on their individual needs: Children we’ve met obviously download games and join their classmates on the same games and social platforms they’re on. Adults usually like Facebook a lot, or watch content through YouTube and newspaper apps. Some read eBooks. Some browse the web. We even have users who have gone back to managing their businesses through this newly found independence.

One interesting use case to mention is the connection to Smart Homes and Internet of Things or Connected Machines. With today’s apps, some of our users control the lights, TV, A/C, cameras, doors and more – all through the convenience of a smartphone. We were quite surprised to realize that the touch-free access we designed for the digital space now propagates to actually controlling one’s physical surrounding.

Can my device be funded?

Sesame Enable works diligently to offer subsidies for our users, whenever possible. We realize the high expenses carried by most of our users, and try to assist where we can.
As of now, there are subsidies in 8 states in the US, and we are always working to add more. If you live in one of the following states, you may be eligible for financial assistance with the purchase of a Sesame Bundle:

North Dakota (loan program)

Need help with the subsidy process? Our team will be glad to help!

In the past we were fortunate to be able to donate a number of devices through help of crowd funding and awards by giants like Verizon, Google and Michael Bloomberg. Today, we are unable to sustain further donations, and instead push for more subsidies like those listed above. We have had users successfully obtain the solution through private crowdfunding campaigns in their communities, as well.

What technology is behind this Touch-Free magic?
Open Sesame is powered by both Voice-Control and Computer-Vision technologies. The phone listens for you to say, “OK Google, Open Sesame!” to start. Then the front-facing camera is opened and with advanced Computer Vision algorithms starts following the user’s head with great precision. Small head movements control an on-screen cursor which enables interaction with any app, whether built-in or downloaded from the Play Store.
Setup & Getting Started
Downloading the App
The Open Sesame! Touch Free Control app can be downloaded from Google Play here:

It is supported on devices running Android 7.0 and up. If you don’t have a compatible device, we also offer device bundles on the Products page.

If you cannot find the app, please make sure that your device is running Android version 7 or later. To find Sesame in the Google Play Store, you can also search the exact name: Open Sesame! Touch Free Control.

How do I position the device running Open Sesame?
When using Open Sesame, the device should be mounted facing the user, while his head is in a natural relaxed position, around 15″-25″ (40-60cm) from the device. Positioning is quite flexible and does not have to be directly in front of the face. The initial tutorial process guides you on how to get this right.
Do you offer stands/mounts as well?
A quality, sturdy mount is recommended for using Sesame. We’ve partnered with the superior Bamboo Mounts from Rehadapt to offer high quality, extremely versatile, and built-to-last mounts. You can include them in our device bundles, or contact us to purchase separately. The mounts come in two models:

Any tips on getting started?
The Open Sesame app comes with a built-in tutorial, that will take you step-by-step through all of the features, including the more advanced ones if you’re interested. The tutorial will open the first time you run Open Sesame, and can also be accessed afterwards through the app’s Control Panel.

We also have great bite-sized tutorial videos for you, with each covering a different element of the touch-free control. You are welcome to watch them here.

Can sensitivity and other parameters be configured?
Yes. Please look for the Sesame Settings icon in our Control Panel window. Horizonal and vertical sensitivity can be controlled separately and can also be configured automatically with our “Automatic Calibration” feature. Dwell times, cursor size, control modes and more can also be configured.
Can I pause the cursor?
You can definitely lock the cursor if you need to attend to something else, or if you’d like to simply read the screen without the cursor interfering. Move the cursor all the way to the right-hand side of the screen in order to lock the cursor.  When locked, the device will have a circle at the bottom of the screen.  To unlock the cursor, move your head in a full circle, until all the dots are green. With voice commands, say “OK Google – Lock Pointer,” and “OK Google –  Unlock Pointer.” In order to use the voice commands, you’ll need to make sure that OK Google is set up properly.

If you find the circular lock mechanism difficult to operate, you can choose another lock option. Go into Sesame Settings -> Pointer -> Pointer Lock Type -> Choose Linear.  Now unlocking will be possible by simply moving your head left or right.

Can I take selfies?
Definitely! The Selfie feature is one of our users’ favorite features 🙂

The Selfie Button can be found in Sesame’s Control Panel, on the bottom of the box. You will only be able to take a selfie if Sesame is running. After taking a selfie, click the share option on the bottom left hand side of the screen, which will then allow you to send the picture in an email, Facebook, Whatsapp, etc.

If it’s the first time you’re using the Selfie feature, you may receive a message asking you if you’d like to open pictures with Google Photos or with your phone’s Gallery. Please choose the Google Photos option.

Can I take a video selfie?
Yes, our “Video Selfie” feature can be found in the Sesame Control Panel (our main menu), next to the “Take Selfie” feature.
How do I make and receive calls using my voice?

You can use OK Google or other voice assistants to make outgoing calls.  For example, using OK Google say: “OK Google – Call ___ (insert name from Contacts).
When receiving a call, you can either choose to answer – by saying “Sesame Answer“, or reject the call by saying “Sesame Dismiss“.

During a call you can choose to end it any time by saying “Sesame End Call“.

These commands can also be configured to your preferred custom phrases.

Can I use Skype or other video-chat apps with Sesame?
Yes, when using a video-chat app, Sesame tracking will simply turn off, allowing you to video-chat as long as you’d like. Once the chat finishes, restart Sesame tracking either with voice or switch access (the same way you start Sesame regularly).
Can I drag icons with Sesame?
Yes, our previous Long Click option was replaced with a Drag – Drop feature. This means that you can both Long Click (by staying in the same place with the pointer) or drag an icon from place to place (by moving the pointer to another location). Drag – Drop can be found in the blue “More Actions” option within the Action Selection Menu.
Tracking related
Sesame can’t find my face.
First, make sure that the room has enough light. Make sure that the phone is mounted in front of your face  (about 1.5 feet away). Make sure that there is no glare, which can be caused by glasses or light in front of your face. Please make sure that there is enough on-screen contrast.  For example, if you have pale skin and you’re wearing a white shirt, it might be difficult for Sesame to find your face.  In this case, try wearing a dark-colored hat or scarf- something that adds contrast.
I’m having difficulty moving the cursor given my limited neck mobility. What do you suggest?
Try using the Automatic Calibration, which can be found on Sesame Settings -> Pointer Tab ->  “Calibrate Sensitivity” bar at the top of the screen. Then, adjust vertical and horizontal sensitivity manually, based on what you find comfortable. You can also try adjusting the phone’s distance to your face.  It can be challenging to control the cursor if the phone is too far/close to your face.
I have uncontrollable movements and Sesame keeps losing me. What else can I try?
Moderate Mode may be a good option to try.  However, we recommend that you contact Sesame Support before trying this mode. Moderate provides an adjustable area where Sesame will ignore small, uncontrolled movement.  Moderate operates only on the X-Y axis.  This means that in order to move the cursor to the top right corner of the screen, for example – you will need to move the cursor to the right and upwards in separate movements.  If you have uncontrollable movements, please contact Sesame Support at [email protected], for help in setting up this mode.
Every time I put the device in landscape mode, Sesame loses tracking and I get an error message.
Sesame works in both portrait and landscape mode.  However, there are certain apps, like Angry Birds, that only work in landscape mode (this is due to the game, not due to Sesame).  This means that the screen will turn automatically when you try to open the game.  If Sesame is already running in portrait mode, you will receive an error message and Sesame will stop.  You will need to re-open Sesame while the device is in landscape mode (with the “OK Google – Open Sesame voice command, or manually).  

Rule of thumb: Sesame needs to start in the mode that you wish to use the device.

After using Sesame for a while, the cursor seems too high/low on the screen, making it hard to control. How do I fix this?
You will want to reposition Sesame.  You can do this by either saying “OK Google – Open Sesame” And then “Reposition” when Sesame opens up.

Also you can access the Reposition action through the Advanced Action Menu, or by scrolling down from the top of the phone’s option menu.  Please keep in mind that in order to use voice commands, you’ll first need to make sure that OK Google is set up properly.  Instructions can be found below in the “Settings Related” section.

Sesame keeps losing my face and automatically repositioning. How do I fix this?
Please check to make sure that there is no glare from either lighting or glasses.  Are you in a room where the light keeps changing?  Try changing your location and/or the lighting in the room.  You can also try adjusting the distance and angle of the phone, until you see that it begins to recognize your face. Lastly, please make sure that you are using a sturdy mount that keeps the device very still.
My picture is shown upside down, or the cursor moves in opposite ways. How do I fix this?
We are aware that this can occur on some devices. If you experience this – Go into Sesame Settings -> General -> Flip Camera Preview.  Please choose this option.
Voice related
Is there a way to customize Sesame voice commands?

Yes. Record your preferred words/phrases for each command. You can set this up by going to: Sesame Settings-> System -> Set Custom Voice Commands. Please note that you must choose existing words/phrases, and not sounds or syllables.

“OK Google” isn’t working. How do I fix it?
First, make sure to properly set up OK Google by performing the following steps:

-Go into the phone’s regular settings
-Select “Google Settings”
-Select “Search”
-Select “Voice”
-Select “OK Google Detection”
-Select “Say OK Google at any time.”
-Lastly, you’ll need to teach the Google Assistant to recognize your voice.

Here is a short video that will demonstrate the above steps.  

If the above still doesn’t help:

-First, reset your device and trying using OK Google again.
-If OK Google still doesn’t work, charge your device fully and try using OK Google while connected to a power source.

“OK Google - Open Sesame” doesn't start Sesame
If “Open Sesame” doesn’t work for OK Google, try one of the following:

  • Start Sesame
  • Launch Sesame
  • Open Sesame App
  • Start Sesame App
  • Launch Sesame App

OK Google is not working for me from a closed screen
Go into Sesame Settings -> System -> “Enable OK Google from close screen”.  Note this will keep your device listening for OK Google even when the screen is off, and will consume more battery
I cannot get OK Google to work on my Samsung device
For Samsung devices it is sometimes recommended to use the Samsung assistants where available. The Assistant was once S-Voice and is now called Bixby on newer devices.

To start Sesame, say “Hi Galaxy” or “Hi Bixby” and then “Open Sesame”.

Settings related
I am having a hard time seeing the cursor
You can enlarge the size of the Sesame cursor by going into Sesame Settings -> Pointer Tab -> Pointer Size

You can also change the color of the pointer.  Sesame Settings-> Pointer Tab -> Pointer Color


Can the phone automatically go to speaker when I make or receive a call?
Sure! Go to Settings -> General -> Automatically turn on speaker when starting or receiving a call.
I am alone at night and I need a way to open the screen of my phone in case of an emergency. It’ll be dark and the phone will not be mounted in front of me. Is this possible?
Yes, OK Google will recognize your voice (as long as it is configured correctly), and the phone does not need to be mounted for it to hear you.  If OK Google does not work from a closed screen on your phone, please enable “Enable Open Sesame from closed screen” under Settings->General. It is best to keep the phone charged when using this option.
I’m getting an error message saying I’ve reached the allowed devices limit.

  • If you’re interested in using Sesame on more than one device, go into Sesame Settings -> Subscription Tab -> Purchase Subscription.  There, you’ll be able to add another device.
  • You are also welcome to contact Sesame Support.

Subscription and Android related
How do I move my Sesame subscription from one device to another?

  • Go into Sesame Settings, and to the Subscription Tab at the top of the screen.  Select “Relinquish this device.” at the bottom of the page and press OK to the message asking if you want to relinquish.  *Warning – please be sure to only select this option if you want to stop using Open Sesame on this device.
  • You will then see a message on your old device, stating that the device has been relinquished.
  • Download Sesame on your new Android 7 device and enter your Google user information. Sesame will now work on the new device.

I accidentally relinquished my device and now I’m getting an error message saying that my device has been relinquished - I can’t sign in . How do I get Sesame back?

  • First, you’ll need to clear your device data.  You do this by going into your regular phone’s settings, Apps, and then scroll down the the Sesame app.  Click on “Storage” and then “Clear Data.”
  • You can then go back into Sesame Settings and sign into your user account.
  • If you still need assistance, contact Sesame Support.

I relinquished my device but want to go back - How do I do this?

  • First, you’ll need to clear the application data.  You do this by going into your regular phone’s settings, Apps, and then scroll down the the Sesame app.  Click on “Storage” and then “Clear Data.”
  • You can then go back into Sesame Settings and sign into your user account.
  • If you still need assistance, contact Sesame Support.

I’m getting an error message saying I’ve reached the allowed devices limit.

  • If you’re interested in using Sesame on more than one device, go into Sesame Settings -> Subscription Tab -> Purchase Subscription.  There, you’ll be able to add another device.
  • You are also welcome to contact Sesame Support.

Getting Started Guide
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Windows Cheat Sheet
Open Sesame for Windows Cheat Sheet Preview
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