Boy uses Sesame Enable app

Innovator: Oded Ben-Dov
Age: 34
Co-founder and chief executive officer of Sesame Enable, a six-employee startup in Caesarea, Israel

In 2011, after making a mobile game that uses head gestures, Ben-Dov got a call from Giora Livne—a quadriplegic and his future co-founder—asking for help designing a smartphone he could use.

Form and function
Sesame Enable has developed smartphone software for people who have little or no use of their hands. Users manipulate the phone’s screen and apps with a combination of voice commands and slight turns of their head.

Illustration of Sesame Enable app functions

Initially, a caregiver places the phone in front of the user and turns it on. After that, saying, “Open Sesame” activates the phone’s front camera to follow the person’s head movements.

Illustration of Sesame Enable app set up

A cursor on the phone’s screen follows even the tiniest of motions a user makes, down to a couple of degrees. Leaving it hovering over an icon or a command brings up an action prompt. Voice commands can also help navigate.

Sesame Enable has secured $1.5 million in grants, awards, and crowdfunding. Additionally, Google’s nonprofit arm,, has provided the funds for a local charity to give phones to disabled Israe

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