Gary and Oded
By Keren-Or Rosner

Meet Gary, one of Sesame’s long-time users. For 20 years, Gary Fisher worked as a full-time truck driver, making daily food deliveries all over Seattle. In 2001, Gary began to feel a numbness in his right leg. A doctor told him it was multiple sclerosis, and since – he has come a long way. Before Gary discovered Sesame’s technology, he sat in front of the TV all day, watching the same channel. With Sesame, Gary has regained control over his life. Check out his story:

Gary an Eileen Fisher at AIPAC.

Gary and Eileen Fisher with Oded Ben Dov, taking a #SesameSelfie.

״Assistive devices… something not even in the thought process several years ago. Walking, then canes, walkers, manual and power chairs? Bath tubs to walk in showers to roll in showers? Trapeze to hoyer lifts to get in and out of bed? What’s a conversion van? Wow. Going from healthy and physically active to paralyzed from the neck down in a power chair over the course of years with a disease like Multiple Sclerosis sucks. What can you do but roll with the punches and keep finding new devices to try and make life better! Gotta stay positive or go crazy.

One such assistive device that has made a HUGE difference in life is the Sesame Enable software for Android 7.0 phones and tablets.

Imagine having to sit in front of a television set from the time you get up in the morning until you go to bed at night because you can’t move anything below the neck. You used to be able to change channels, play on a computer and the internet, and even feed yourself. But now? You sit in front of the TV unable to move. Yes, TV’s now have voice activated remotes, but guess what… you have to push a button to make them work! Brilliant device for those that can’t use their hands. Who designs this stuff anyway?

So you go looking for something—anything—to help put some variation into your day. We heard about a cell phone that you can use with your head movements. How the heck does that work? started with a phone you purchased from them, but have now evolved to an app that you can download to your own device (Android 7 needed). Those without hands need a little help to get it set up, but then you’re off and running, and able to “click” on things to like or love in Facebook, “swipe” up and down to move things on the screen, play a game, shop, text, call, and basically keep yourself entertained all by moving your head around. Now you can even take a selfie if you want one to send to a friend, or post on Facebook. What a concept, and what a way to reconnect with friends and the outside world. Now that’s a useful tool those designers came up with! Their customer service is second to none as well. What a great group of people to deal with. No more staring into the TV screen wishing there was something more to do then a marathon of American Pickers again.

What a difference one program, one app, can make in the life of someone that can’t use their hands. The whole world can open back up and remove that feeling of isolation, giving you back a sense of belonging and being involved in the lives of friends and family again. Thanks Sesame-Enable for being a part of our lives every day״.

Eileen and Gary Fisher

Has your life – or the life of someone you know – been transformed by the use of assistive products? We would love to hear from you! We hope to publish one story in each of our quarterly updates, so please send your story and photos about how Sesame has made a difference in your life. We would be happy to receive a quote or personal feedback. Please email stories to: [email protected]

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