Open Sesame User Art

December Update, 2018

We have recently discovered the amazing drawings of Avinoam Buchris, an avid Open Sesame user, made entirely with Open Sesame, using the Infinite Painter app. We are thankful for Avinoam who agreed to decorate this post with his beautiful work.

Before we show more of Avinoam’s work, we are excited to inform of a new dedicated AAC mode that came out in the 3.8.0 update:


Open Sesame AAC Screenshot


This is a special mode for Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) apps, which makes using them so much easier and streamlined. Symbols and keys clearly highlight as you move, and dwelling doesn’t require exact pointing.

It’s the ideal interface for those using Sesame mainly as a mean of communication.


User Story Highlight

Avinoam Buchris, 26, soon after receiving a medal of honor for his service and discharging from duty was diagnosed with ALS. Avinoam has been using Sesame for nearly a year now, and we have just discovered the amazing works he produces using the Infinite Painter app and the control of Open Sesame.

We’re excited to share with you some of the works by Avinoam, and thank him for allowing us to share this beautiful work.


                Avinoam Buchris Painting 2

Avinoam Buchris Painting 3               


ATIA 2019

We’re looking forward to meeting many of you at the Assistive Technology Industry Association (ATIA) conference coming end of January down in Orlando FL. We will be giving several talks and unveiling many new surprises at our booth. Hope to see you there!

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