By People with Disabilities, for People with Disabilities
Serendipity Brought Them Together. Purpose Kept Them Going.<br />
Serendipity Brought Them Together. Purpose Kept Them Going.

Oded Ben Dov was demonstrating a game on TV that was controlled using head gestures. Giora Livne, a former Navy Commander who is a quadriplegic, called him up the next day said, “Hello, I can’t move my hands or legs, could you make me a smartphone I could use?”

That was the beginning of Sesame Enable. The two partnered up and set to create the world’s first Touch-Free Smartphone. The mission was to open a new door for millions who were left outside the smartphone revolution due to limited or no hand movement. Giora just wanted the phone to “order flowers for my wife”, but it was apparent that many others also want the independence and privacy of using a smartphone by themselves.

Today, the company has already launched several products with more in the works, to bring greater accessibility to people with disabilities. Sesame Enable is becoming the “young, fresh and extremely tech-y” company, in an often over-looked and under-served space.

Rowee Benbenishty

Rowee Benbenishty


Born in the US, Rowee was educated abroad and received a Bachelor of Science from Tel Aviv University in Industrial Engineering and Management.  His passion for start-up ventures started in college where he co-founded a start-up hub for students and volunteered in programs to empower youth.  Rowee has brought that same strategic vision, team building, and “can-do” attitude to Sesame Enable, expanding Sesame’s reach to users, business collaborations and product acceptance.
Prior to joining Sesame, Rowee served in a leadership role as Chief of Staff to the Chief Intelligence Officer of the Israeli Defense Force (IDF), and Commander of Strategic Planning for the elite Israeli cyber unit.

Oded Ben-Dov

CTO & Co-Founder

Oded is fluent in 11 languages, two spoken and nine programming. It was this fluency that enabled him to solve the most important question of his professional career – “Hello, my name is Giora, I can’t move my hands or legs. Can you make me a smartphone I could use?”

A globally recognized technology expert turned social entrepreneur, today Ben-Dov is CEO of Sesame Enable, creator of the first touch-free smartphone app for quadriplegics and people with disabilities called Open SesameTM, and an advocate for life-changing, technology solutions for people with physical challenges.
Image of Vlady Ostrovski

Vladislav Ostrovski


Vlad started programming at the age of 10 and has a great passion for solving hard problems using technology. An Android framework expert with years of experience working with cutting edge technologies, problem solving and rapid prototyping and development, Vlad leads the research and development at Sesame Enable.
Armed with a B.Sc in Computer Science from the Technion (Israel Institute of Technology) and a “Make Things Happen” approach, Vlad joined Sesame Enable on day one to create the world’s first completely touch free smartphone.
Giora Livne

Giora Livne

Co-Founder & VP Accessibility

After serving as a Naval Officer for 15 years, Giora moved to the private sector where he worked as an electrical power engineer. Giora’s academic experience include a Bsc. in Electrical engineering from Ben-gurion University, and an Msc in Electrical engineering from the US naval college in California. Giora has extensive experience in the private and governmental sectors, work that included the running and management of large intricate systems and the construction of high-tech assembly lines. A maker at heart, Giora is always on the lookout for what he can create next. Giora became quadriplegic after an accident helping a friend and was the original inspiration for the creation of Sesame Enable.