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    Oded Ben Dov

    At times Open Sesame will have a hard time locking in automatically on the user’s face. Here are a couple of tips you can try when this happens:

    • Avoid strong light sources behind you.
    • Position device relatively aligned to your face. Too rotated or slanted will prevent automatic face detection.
    • Detection works best at 15”-25” away from your face

    If face is still not recognized you can also try changing the detection to Manual mode and have someone help you with the initial detection:
    • To turn on, set Settings->Control->Head Control->Face Detection to Manual setting
    • In Manual mode, once tracking starts someone needs to select the object/face to track with a finger and tap it once to begin
    • This is what you’d want to use if you’re using a bipap mask, or have something else obstructing your face
    • It actually works with any object, so you can select just the chin, or a tip of a finger, or anything else that you would like to control the phone with

    For further advice, please refer to our FAQ section

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