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    Oded Ben Dov

    So it occurred to me many of our users edit text a lot, yet some don’t know of the advanced editing options found in the Android system.

    So first, let’s cover Copy & Paste. For this you would need to set the Action Menu to the Advanced mode, as it allows for continuous swiping, long tapping and more.

    1. To copy text hover over the word you want to copy and then perform a Long Tap and select Copy from the menu that opens up.
    2. To paste it somewhere else, perform a Long Time again in the proper place, and select Paste.
    3. If you wish to select more than one word, you’ll need to start moving those blue indicators through a Swipe or a Free Swipe.

    Please note that the cut/copy/paste menus are of the operating system, and not Sesame related. You’ll just be using them as anyone else would with his finger.

    Now, beyond copy & pasting there are several more tricks you should know. These pertain to the GBoard keyboard (the keyboard by Google). It looks like this:
    Screenshot of the GBoard keyboard

    If you’re keyboard doesn’t look like this, you can switch to your preferred keyboard in the Phone’s Settings under “Language and Input”.

    Some tricks with the GBoard keyboard:
    * Use voice dictation by clicking the small microphone at the top right. This lets you input long messages by just speaking out the message.
    * Also at the top, you will find great auto-completions, so often just the first couple of letters would bring up the word you’re aiming for, and with a click on the word it will insert it.
    * Last – a trick known only by selected few – If you swipe left from the backspace (delete) key, it will delete several words together – so if you realized you wrote a bunch of nonsense, and want to delete quite a few words back, stand on the delete key, select Swipe or Free Swipe, and then swipe left to delete several words at once.

    Let me know if this was helpful or there are any follow up questions!

    • This topic was modified 6 months, 3 weeks ago by  Oded Ben Dov.
    • This topic was modified 6 months, 3 weeks ago by  Oded Ben Dov.
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