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    Open Sesame unlocks access to smartphones and tablets. That’s what we set out to do in the first place.

    But with time we realize that access to smartphones actually means access to a whole lot more. So beyond communication, socializing, entertainment and productivity – we start seeing more and more people utilize their smartphone access to operate the Smart Homes around them.

    Users with newer televisions just download an app to their smartphone, and can control the TV this way. Choose your channel, control the volume, and access a whole lot more – all from the smartphone with the appropriate smart TV application.

    Our co-founder – Giora – has went beyond that and installed a smart home hub that connects to his A/C, lights and television. Suddenly he’s in control of the temperature in the room, can dim the lights when watching a movie, and flip through channels without asking anyone for assistance.

    As technology advances, these smart appliances become more common, affordable and easy to install. With LifX – you just install a light bulb into the regular socket, and you can control it from your smartphone. With most modern TV’s, there is just an app to control them. Sensibo is an attachment to existing air conditioners that also makes it smart.

    Also – a nice hack to learn with Sesame – you can obtain IR (Infra Red) emmiters for your device for around $15. With the right app, this will let you control most appliances around the house as long as there is a direct “line of sight” between your phone and the controlled device.

    We hope this helps, and would love to hear how you’ve taken advantage of smart technology!

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