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“As one person I cannot change the world, but I can change the world of one person.” ~Paul Shane Spear

Open Sesame, the world’s first hands-free app, gives individuals with disabilities the ability to participate in spoken communication using only head movement. Designed by people with disabilities for people with disabilities, Open Sesame! Touch Free Access” has the ability to create “magic” for our users in various ways .  Here are 10 of them:

  1. Independence: The head-motion activated mobile device brings the smartphone  to a population that has until now been excluded, allowing them to use it on their own. “I was completely dependent on people around me to communicate,” shares one of our users.
  2. Productivity: Utilizing technology to perform daily tasks such as reading an eBook, writing emails, or studying, lets our users do much more in less time. Staying up-to-date on the internet opens additional employment opportunities, helping  people with disabilities get back into the work cycle.
  3. Privacy: Given that many of our users are confined to their bed or wheelchairs, the ability to regain control over their lives, by making independent and private phone calls, makes a world of difference. Where previously someone had to be present, assisting with dialing or hanging up, our users are now free to have private calls on their own.
  4. Inclusion: Using accessible technology just like any other, ,means living beyond one’s disability, letting his/her capability define them, while encouraging an attentive society.  
  5. Connectivity: When we set out to create Sesame, we wanted to make the digital world accessible. In time, we realized that touch-free control is compatible with other technologies. For example, with the introduction of IOT (Internet Of Things) – our touch-free control has become an option for controlling one’s  house environment. Some users have even installed full  smart home systems, allowing them to control  their physical surroundings, and thereby greatly expanding their independence.
  1. Physical Therapy: Engaging people with disabilities with head movement technology, assists in strengthening their neck and upper body muscles.
  2. Psychological: After serious injury, we witness people who have completely lost the ability to live the life that they were used to. By successfully using our ‘Open Sesame’ app, thereby helping our users to create positive new experiences, they can begin to regain self-esteem and confidence. “With this solution, I can operate a phone, read a story, call my loved ones, play games and do everything that other people do without any help. Sesame has allowed me to regain the freedom I had been yearning for, and today those doors will be opening to millions of others.”
  3. Entertainment: The ability to use a smart device for leisure: reading an ebook, catching up on your favorite series or movie, socializing with friends on Facebook, playing chess- these activities all become more fun when using a smartphone.
  1. Spearheading technology: The company’s DNA is set for innovation. The technology is quite remarkable to see and always gets a “Wow!” when shown to either users or technology enthusiasts.
  2. Social Impact:  We are a company with heart – a small group of professionals, applying cutting-edge technology to an underserved audience. We care about our users, and wish to create a real impact for the better. That makes us committed and fully engaged in providing the best solution, believing innovation and do-good can coincide.

Disability does not mean inability. People with a disability can do almost anything – in their own way. Our goal is to give people with paralysis, spinal cord injury, cerebral palsy, MS, SMD as well as other mobility disabilities the chance to use a smartphone just like everyone else. We are looking forward to expanding and supplying even more solutions to as many people as possible. In the long run, we plan to use technology to find even more solutions for people with disabilities.


Do you have an idea, initiative or a way you’d like to share with us? As always, we are looking forward to hearing from you.

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